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Curious, driven and passionate about problem solving.

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As a designer and problem solver, I’m not just interested in designing interfaces. I’m interested in designing systems, frameworks, processes and companies. Anything to help people and businesses operate better and more efficiently. In a way that makes people feel happy, appreciated, valued and empowered.

Design Philosophy

I think design should be highly functional and easy-to-understand, while at the same time be compelling and impactful. One of the main tenets I keep in mind when designing interfaces is: success in a design is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Working Together

I’m highly collaborative and customer-service driven. My design process is based on honesty, transparency, and communication. One of my main strengths in getting in sync with clients to truly understand what they’re after, then designing a process to meet the goals of the project.

Why I’m a Designer

My interest in design stems from a desire to help make people’s lives easier or better in some way using design and technology.

My first attempt attempt at this with a side project, was in 2010 when I created (with my friend and talented software engineer, Joel!) New York City’s first and only real-time food truck map. At the time, food trucks were everywhere but there wasn’t a good way to find out where specific ones were on any given day.

I spent most of my career in New York City where I worked for a couple of technology companies, one of those being Lab49. Lab49 was my first real experience doing formal user research and contextual inquiry, which I did on the trading floors of many major banks. From here I went on to work on my own for almost six years with startups in and around New York City. I helped small teams to design digital products, apps and features. I moved to Sydney in 2016 and am working at Cluey Learning, an edTech startup in the CBD.

I love to eat, cook take photos and took up strength training afer reading this book. I love to play basketball and ride bikes as well as restore 80’s BMX bikes.

Contact Me


Australian Phone: 0468 390 978, American Phone: 347-822-6471

Jess Eddy
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