Skills & Expertise

UX has become a tool I use to help build businesses and technology products. Design is the output of a larger driving force, which is a product-building mentality, paired with an entrepreneurial spirit and the toolit and experience to execute on almost anything a business might need.

Strategy + Design


  • Test business models and assumptions
  • Bring ideas to market in a lean and efficient way
  • Implement design-driven development methodologies
  • Help companies acheive product market fit


  • Conceptual, interaction and visual design design
  • Design of minimum viable products
  • Designer/developer pairing for design implementation
  • Test hypotheses with design experiements

How I Can Help

Product Design

I can contribute in any part of the product design process from idea to implementation. Whether it’s conceptual design, prototypes, wireframes, user testing or visual design. All while combining the right people, tools and UX activities to create the optimal outcomes.

MVP Design

The approach to designing a product that has product market fit is very different to designing one that doesn’t. I can help create an exceptional and small but but high-value product through using strategies to design for speed to enable learning faster.

Process & Procedures

How we work can be more important than the work itself. The processes and procedures we use can make the work we do a success (or failure). I can help implement stratgies to help design and development teams work better together. For reference, this blog post I wrote.

Design Samples

Low Fidelity (Sketchframe) Design Example

Low Fidelity (Sketchframe) Design Example

High Fidelity (Wireframe) Design Example

High Fidelity (Wireframe) Design Example

High Fidelity (Visual) Design Example

High Fidelity (Visual) Design Example

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“Does it better will always beat did it first.”