Jess Eddy UX

End-to-end product design, from concept to visual design.

Client: Yapp

I worked with Yapp over the course of several months to help the team design new features, design on-boarding screens and explore different, low-hanging ways to theme personal event apps using just a couple of colors.

Mobile Design UX
Mobile Design Themes
Mobile Design UX

Project: Get a Room Booking

Get a Room Conference Room Booking is a SaaS product that my engineering partner Rich Hollis and I concepted, designed and built. It’s used by companies across the world to manage room bookings.

Room Booking Design
Keyboard Shortcuts Design
Room Booking Design

Various Design Samples

The following is an example of design deliverables from different projects. I often experiment with different styles of sketch designs and wireframes. If you’re interested in discussing any of these projects, please get in touch! jess(at)

Sketch Design
Blueprint Wireframe
Mobile Design
Trello Mac App