I add value to organizations through creative processes

As a creative thinker, I bring value to organizations through creative processes and use design to show a vision of the future and solve organizational, and business challenges.


When I work with people, I value in inclusivity, transparency, and respect.


I prefer exploring how processes work and why specific business decisions are arrived at so that everyone understands the goal and the motivation behind the approach.


I’m here to empower people to be involved in the creative process; I am not a gatekeeper.


Respect allows us to have trust: and honesty gives us permission to have conversations in a safe environment and get to the core of the challenge efficiently.

Creative processes


Understand the customer or user problems to be solved, and the business goals and objectives. Do research, gather insights and brainstorm.


Think about the different ways we can approach solving problems as well as technical constraints and barriers. Synthesize ideas and focus on compelling opportunities. Identify what success looks like and define what we won’t do.


Explore solutions through creating design concepts for the team or group to look at and respond to—design, prototype, test, and iterate, aiming to improve the approach as much as possible.

I am passionate about using creative processes as much as I think it’s essential to use the right tools.