Jess Eddy book

Getting better at anything requires us to be more creative.

When we start our journey knowing that creativity is for us and everyone, we are free to try different things, find what gets us excited and spark desire. We can use sparks as fuel to shimmy toward our goals and discover our creative process, which we can repeatedly use in life as we work toward bigger dreams.The creative process doesn’t need to end because we can adapt and tweak what suits us as we evolve and grow.

Through practice, consistency, and a desire to be better, we can get around existing barriers to what we can achieve. Discover your way to making it shares people’s stories around different aspects of their journey to getting good and turning their ideas and dreams into reality.

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Chapter 4

Design better, better design

Become better by focusing on the individual parts
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Chapter 8

Becoming you

Nurture and create
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