Personal projects

I love building, creating, making, and helping people. Here are some personal projects I've worked on over the years.

Jess Eddy - personal projects


In September of 2018, I wrote a popular blog post on Medium called "15 secrets and tips to set you up for massive freelance success." 

The article included stories and tips from my semi-extensive freelancing career in New York City, where I worked with small to medium-sized startups as well as individuals trying to get their app idea off the ground. The post included references to a handful of business and organizational tools I used. Given the post's popularity, I decided to create a one-page website containing the tools I referenced. I added more new resources not mentioned in the article, such as books, podcasts, and job sites.
Jess Eddy - UI Goodies

UI Goodies

UI Goodies is a passion project I started in June 2018. I had a personal collection of design resources that I wanted to share with the design community. UI Goodies now includes over 300 resources across 15 categories: Icons, Typography, Photography, Illustrations, Color, Sound, etc. The blog features articles by guest authors, and there’s a Deals page where you can find discounts on great design resources from excellent companies.
Jess Eddy - room booking software

SaaS room booking application

Get a Room; Conference Room Booking application is a SaaS room booking product for small to medium-sized companies. In 2011 my project partner Rich Hollis and I spent a few months creating the product's initial version to see if we could acquire some customers. We created a simple Website, and when we built the first version of the product, we started to reach out to potential customers, primarily co-working spaces. In the beginning, given that much of our customer base was co-working spaces, we debated pivoting to a co-working space management tool. In the end, we decided to focus on room booking only, which we believed would allow us to tap into a larger market.
Jess Eddy - food truck finder, real-time food truck locator is the first side project I ever made; I created it with my good friend Joel, developer and engineer. We launched the Web app in 2011 and the following year released an iPhone and Android app. At the time, food trucks were starting to explode in numbers all over New York City, and there was no good way to see where a food truck was at any given time.Food trucks always posted their location on Twitter. We built a layer of technology to sit in between Twitter and Google Maps. We read and translated the locations of food trucks with near 100% accuracy and placed them on a map in real-time.As food trucks tweeted their location each day, we identified their precise location using our custom in-house tech mojo and pinned them on a map with nearly 100% accuracy.