Design Kit for designing early product ideas

Use this Figma Design Kit for developing early product ideas and features.

Jess Eddy - products

Over the years, I’ve honed my creative process to communicate clearly and effectively through each stage of the design process.

Spending a lot of time working on early product ideas, I found it necessary to shape a design process and presentation style around, allowing me to quickly create a super clear concept to share with a client or team. To, in turn, get feedback and iterate on an idea fast. It’s not that speed is the most critical factor; it’s more so that ideas and design direction change and evolve so quickly in the beginning stages, and we should have a way of working that aligns with that trajectory.

At the beginning of the process, it’s critical for an idea to take shape clearly so that people understand it. This Design Kit that I’ve adapted over time allows us to design quickly using standard design components. But this Design Kit also uses a presentation style that conveys “work in progress.” The fidelity of the Design Kit matches the stage of work. 

Too high of fidelity paints a picture of reality that isn’t suitable for early work, and too low fidelity doesn’t make ideas real enough to grasp and get good feedback. 

This Design Kit combines a classic blueprint presentation style with handwritten typography, allowing an audience to understand design ideas easily and allowing the designer to change a design quickly. 

The kit also uses open source icons from Tabler and includes additional colors when an element needs to be color to get the point across.

And as with any Design Kit, you can prototype your work in Figma to create a more accurate picture of designs, journeys, and flows.

This Design Kit is coming soon! If you have questions, comments, or requests, reach out to me directly or on Twitter!