A guide for visualizing the design process, including templates for Miro and Figma

This guide and templates will help you learn how to visualize the design process using easy, customizable checklists and record and share project activities.

Jess Eddy - products

Why visualize the design process?

As designers, we are also facilitators. Whether clients or colleagues, people we work with might not understand the design process or know that we have one. When we visualize the design process, we allow people to see it and join along. This type of transparency and openness allows for more trust-building and collaboration.

Along with visualizing the design process comes keeping track of artifacts and activities that happen along the way. As part of the process, we share links and send files, but it's easy to lose track of just how much gets done because we can't see them.

This template offers an alternative way to view and manage the discovery and development parts of the design process with an emphasis on visualization and communication. By visually organizing the design process, we can better communicate and convey the design process and make the activities that happen over time in each phase transparent. The design process visualized is designed with built-in checklists that inform us of the tasks we need to do in each step of the process, so we can think less about what needs to get done. The template also includes a method to keep track of all the activities along the way, making the work wholly transparent and artifacts simple to locate.