Professional development courses for designers

Welcome to a curated list of professional development resources for designers. Whether you have a professional development budget through your job or you’re simply looking to improve in a particular area, use this list to browse courses and find something you like. While there are many places online to find classes, I’ve attempted to round up the best ones and point to various sites that are worth a browse, where you might find something else you like. Do you have suggestions for additions to this list? Feel free to message me.

User interface and user experience design

Learn UX Design and Grow Your Career

Interaction design association
As a UX Designer, you are an expert in the user-centered design process and play a jack-of-all-trades role—this learning path allows you to gain a keen sense of usability, psychology, and business to excel in your job.

KreativePro Masterclass

The kreative pro
For IT Students or Professionals including Designers, Engineers, Art Directors, Marketers, Content Creators or Entrepreneurs looking to learn the complete process of creating visual experiences with modern technology.

UX 365 Academy

joe natoli
On-demand UX + Design courses, books, resources + training.

UIE’s All You Can Learn Library

Over 378 seminars and more by experts in all things UX design.

Various UI/UX courses by awwwards

Online Web Design Courses, UX, UI, ThreeJS, WebGL, and Creative Development.

UX & Digital Design

Future london academy
This series of masterclasses will help you with   this – it covers UX strategy, Design Process, Innovation, AR, MR, VUI, and Digital Sustainability. Forget boring UX training and pointless UX bootcamps – we've carefully curated the latest insights, frameworks and tools to help you boost your knowledge, level-up career in UX design and transform good to great.

UX + UI Design

Rmit online
Adopt a user-centric approach to problem-solving and utilise research, iteration, prototyping, and visual elements to design experiences that delight.