Session Rescheduling Platform

A booking platform allowing customers to manage their online learning sessions.

Jess eddy - product designer

Company: Cluey Learning

Presenting a multitude of complex rescheduling options across days and on different devices.

When rescheduling, it’s feasible that the customer could see up to 20-time options on any given day across five days. The main challenge of the work and one of my goals was to show customers all the time options available so that they are easy to see, digest, read, and navigate. During this phase, the team and I spent time discussing ideas and understanding the technical limitations.


Early conceptual ideas and around presenting rescheduling options and quick prototyping to test the usability.

I designed a concept around the basic features and initial requirements, which acted as an actual working model. I folded in considerations for mobile at this stage as many customers would be making these updates from their phones.

The design concept allowed us to have a realistic illustration of the basic features and interactions, which meant we could have meaningful product discussions and assess the work scope more accurately.


High-fidelity design, flows & interactions.

Once we finalized the rescheduling design paradigms, I presented and iterated on high-fidelity designs with the team, including executives and our technology team, over three weeks. We performed user testing to the best of our ability but could not secure a high number of participants. We would validate much later through metrics and other means that customers understood our work from a usability perspective.

We developed the platform in-house, and a front-end engineer and I worked closely together to build the platform. As we were building, we continued to test with users and made slight modifications in code upon discovering new insights via research. Our goal was not to make significant changes but to optimize the work that was already in progress. We made code changes that didn't impact the delivery timeline.

The sister platform I designed where online learning sessions are viewed.
The mobile version of the sister platform.

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