Session Monitoring Platform

A custom software solution for customer care to manage online learning sessions.

Jess eddy - product designer

Company: Cluey learning

Designing a platform for a customer care team used to manage customer care requests more efficiently.

The project initiative was to design a custom platform for the Customer Care team at Cluey Learning. The main aim was to solve problems with online learning sessions before they happened by alerting the team where and when to intervene. The platform would allow the team to manage better, mitigate customer requests, create efficiencies, save money, and increase morale by decreasing frustration and time spent doing the same operations in much more manual and disparate ways.


Identifying and understanding problems to be solved.

One of the main underlying activities which underpinned the entire project was identifying the problems to be solved. I needed to understand what was essential to the Customer Care team as a starting point to think about design solutions. Working in tandem with the team, we identified just under ten main problems to be solved.
Here are a few examples:

  • “We have so many sessions on (over 200 per day), it’s hard to know which sessions to focus on.”
  • “It’s difficult to discern who we need to check on. There is no history or log of communications with a customer.”
  • “We manually assign who monitors every session throughout the day, and it’s very time-consuming!”

Most of our initial design solutions from brainstorming required retrieving information that existed in other systems. I performed an initial audit to understand the feasibility of fetching different data.


The expression of design solutions in conceptual, low-fidelity designs and a prototype we could test.

I produced low-fidelity designs, allowing me to quickly and easily convey the concept, which I tested with the Customer Care team over a few iterations.

Through this process, I identified appropriate design solutions, including high-level filters, so the team could easily filter the expansive list to view a subset of sessions, which allowed them to action a specific course (s) with ease. As well as better visual indicators throughout the UI so the team could, at a glance, see which sessions were missing a tutor or student along with other vital attributes like technical, audio, or visual issues.

Low-fidelity conceptual prototype

I considered the tasks the team needed to perform and made the path to completing those tasks quickly and easily.

Once the concept solidified, high-fidelity design became the focus. Instead of getting bogged down in rounds of high-fidelity wireframes, I moved the process forward by creating a realistic version.


High-fidelity design, flows & interactions.

With the design solutions discovered and tested, I moved forward with the visual design of the platform. I worked out and illustrated all the essential tasks; user flows, interactions, and menus during this process and using Adobe XD. I completed the project and moved into implementation through a small handful of iterations and testing with the Customer Care team.


We developed the platform in-house, and I worked with a front-end engineer to build the platform.

Through the new design, we increased the Customer Care team's overall efficiency, allowing them to help more customers in less time, increasing the customer experience, and enhancing the knowledge and well-being of our internal customer care team.

The new user interface catered to specific tasks the team needed to do, such as log and make customer communications transparent, quickly retrieve customer contact information to call or SMS a customer. See what sessions are high-risk to know which ones to prioritize. Using visible signals via iconography in the user interface, the Customer Care team could now scan the interface to see what sessions are missing a tutor and who is present in a session that has started and identify sessions where monitoring is absent.

“Jess was fantastic to work with. What I appreciated the most was the level of initiative she took to understand the problem we were trying to solve. Jess took the time to consult various stakeholders and design a solution that completely met our needs. Thanks Jess!”

—Namrata, Head of Customer Operations

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