Hello, I’m Jess.

Your local, dependable digital product designer. 👐

Design is an essential communication tool and critical to bringing ideas to life. I work with companies that have a vision and want to make it real. I value simplicity, readability, and usability and invite everyone to join the design process!

Jess Eddy - product designer

What I do

Add value through process

I add value to organizations and teams through creative processes that save time, better the outcome, and solve challenges in alignment with the business mission.

Product design and strategy

I help create the right experience through first identifying an appropriate strategy and bring the customer experience to life using design, teamwork and collaboration.

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Amazing article! This speaks to my situation to a ‘T’. Communication is key and more people need to understand that. Being open to other ideas or ways of solving issues make everyone’s jobs easier and more fun. Thanks for the good read I’ll be sharing this with many others.”

–Chris N.


I share my experience about design, teamwork, and process. My writing has been published on the Dribbble blog, Marvel App blog and Phase Magazine.
Very well written! Design-driven development also helps startups to keep its speed as well.” –Chamara P.